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5 Latest Transportation & Fleet Management Trends in 2018

The essential to the achivement within the fleet trade is giving the foremost pricing, economical services, efficient & flexible. That’s why fleet company ought to flip towards trendy ways & trends within the fleet trade to contend with competitors in the market.

5 latest trends in fleet management & transportation

1. Fleet & Driver Safety with ELD

ELD might have a major impact on the fleet business in 2018. Aimed towards keeping drivers to the utmost 50Hrs of Service/ week, and off the duty of 2days, this regulation will build roads safer by mandating drivers to have 30mins rest/ break on 8Hrs of driving. Even though, driver might not ship the maximum amount of goods as they accustomed with ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices).

Learn more about the future of managing fleet and its effectiveness.

2. Self - Driving Trucks

In 2018 the concept of self driving vehicle has evolved to bigger vehicles – self-driving trucks. A combination of AI & myriad sensors can correctly evaluate road conditions and learn how drivers behave under specific conditions. Moreover, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication systems can share learned information & improve the AI driving pattern. As a result, such self-driving trucks can potentially become better drivers than human themselves. Tesla recently announced Tesla Semi an all-electric truck with Tesla Autopilot, which allows semi-autonomous driving on highways. It is also interesting to see how insurance companies fine tune their offering using driver behavior as a factor.

3. Compliance & Regulations

It is essential for the fleet company to be updated on recent laws adopted, changed, or removed by any local, state, or federal governing bodies. They need to adjust to the principles concerning emission standards, electronic logbooks, safety rules, timely maintenance, and overtime, timely observance laws can invariably be a trend. As an example, Volkswagen’s inability to comply with the emission standard set the company back by $2.8 billion in fines affecting 340,000 vehicle owners.

4. Renewable Fuel Source

As gas cost increase and natural resources still fall, manufactures are regularly reducing the value of engines that utilize alternative fuel choices which do not use fossil-fuel resources or damage the global climate.

Increasing range of people trust alternative fuels can have a broaden aspect in the vehicles of tomorrow. It has stated as 3 essential considerations:

  • Utmost alternative fuels are based from renewable energy source not from non-renewable source like fossil-fuel.

  • By having more alternative fuel source helps country to non-dependent for energy.

  • Alternative fuels usually have reduce vehicle emission that helps to scale back global climate change, smogginess & pollution

With the above benefits the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992 has implemented eight alternative fuels that will be a trend for tomorrow, detail as follows:

1. Electricity

2. Hydrogen

3. Ethanol

4. Propane

5. Biodiesel

6. Methanol

7. Natural Gas

8. P-Series Fuels

5. More data, better analysis

Over the time, the database of your fleet management software will grow to thousands or more. The capability to comb through this data will become important to you. Though, if you can’t use it to draw different conclusions, what good is having all of this data then?

Data can be more promptly accessible to vehicle managers & drivers alike. Report creation and analysis is gently changing into automatic & methodical into digestible screenshots referring to vehicle performance. For best result, powerful reporting and searching in vehicle tracking systems will help you ensure that you have the necessary tools to connect the dots and use data to make predictions about the future, while analyzing and making decisions based on the past. Use of Big Data can still play a great aspect in fleet & can shortly be an organizations good observe.

Learn more about why vehicle tracking system is used in a wide range of industries. Contact us to learn more about how Traxroot Fleet Management Software can help keep up with the latest trends in transportation.


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